About us

About Himmelskind

Himmelskind School is a brand new school in Bintaro growing up in the middle of pandemic covid-19 era. Himmelskind provides and is being a breakthrough for new model of education in Indonesia.
Himmelskind is having the real transformation method in guiding children to define themselves through their own ways.

Himmelskind is approaching students and educating parents how to accept their child with their ways. Himmelskind also facilitates the students in developing their creation, innovation, manner, character, physical as well as their academic capabilities. By adopting and adapting various of teaching methods in the world, Himmelskind believes will be able to give the best and contribute well to parents and especially students.

Our Philosophy

Himmelskind comes from Germany Language that every child is special and unique sent from heaven to this world. We also believes that every child can reach even their highest dream. And as a school we are going to give the greatest support and become a problem solver to those who need help in educating their child, because the first 5 years is known as a child’s golden ages.

Himmelskind introduces the students to accept all the different ways of learning around them. To nurture and facilitate the student’s needs to explore themselves, we provide enjoyable, fun and enhancing supportive atmosphere at school.

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Meet Our Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
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